Katie's favourite cats!

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Katie's favourite cat:

She probably likes this one as well:

It was a good day for cats today. Both this:

And this impressed her:

And then, well, I still don't think she's recovered from this fluffy little fella:

This little waddler is called Nugget(click image for the youtube video):

Next we have:

Look at the fluffs on this one though!:

He looks straight through you:

Kinda wish I could do this:

This very, very, very little fella almost brought Katie to tears (i'm not joking!):

So sad and fluffy Katie has to love him:

"omg that is so cuteeeeee" and "i love him"...


Why is he in prison?! How unfair:

"Tho thmallllllllllllllll:"

At this point I can only apologize for the unscheduled interruption in your catscatscats service. However, I feel we've returned with a winner with this little fella:

"Omg awwww", "Why so scared little kitty" - why so scared indeed!

He's been a long time coming ladies and gentlmen, but just look how sad George is!

Keeping up the tradition of especially sad little kitties, meet Nova:

He looks so soft and fluffy - with just a hint of sad:

Not gonna lie, this is a Matthew selection...just look how he stuffs his tail in! And his ears are so foldy!
Sauce: <a class="youtube-link" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FjGP4t2zKY">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FjGP4t2zKY</a>

"its like he is genetically engineered to make me aww" and "i love him. he's so sad. and small. and grey.":

"what has he done??:"

He's small and he's grey and he's fluffy:

"He's grey and silly and little legged:"